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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

fame 15

Here's a new feature for the blog. Inspired by a popular note being passed around over on Facebook, I'm going to post 15 random things that are going on in my mind. Whatever. Totally random. You'll see how it goes. I'll try to do this as a weekly thing.

I might be getting canvas this weekend. It's going to be large. It's going to be the biggest canvas I ever worked on. It's going to be for my bedroom wall. Excited.

Snow. What? Makes me so unmotivated. Makes me want to stay inside sip on hot chocolate, watch baseball and catch up on my movie watching.

I refuse to go out this weekend if the snow is still here. I put my winter jackets away for a reason. Don't want to wear them until next November. The earliest.

Service Canada operators are some good people. Hard working, too.

We have or had Myspace. We use Facebook. Twitter is new. And now Flutter? I think we're getting gangbanged by peer-to-peer net sites that we would need another 24 hours to keep on top of things. Maybe Gates could score another few hours in the day. I'm sure he could hook it up.

Bedroom community
? I can see that.

I need a vacation. Not necessarily out of town just a weekend to get away. I should just book a weekend in a hotel downtown and act like a tourist and be on vacation in my own city. Just be able to get away for a few days. That would be nice.

I've been thinking about her.

Dreams are carzy sometimes, huh?

I've been listening to new types of music lately and I'm loving the change. Have you heard of Soulwax?

If you have time this weekend when you're doing your laundry or cleaning around the house or just hanging out, be sure to check out the latest Circle Research podcast. It's good.

FML is my favorite site to make me laugh now.

Lost track. Is this 13 or 14? Maybe 15? Let's count.

Looking forward to that new series Southland.

Last one. Till next week.