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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

what to do..

Woke up early as per usual. Worked on my course and did some reading. Was done by 8. Now, I'm mentally drained as I did as much work as someone would do during a good two or three hour school day. It's not even Noon. What to do? I feel like going back to bed and hitting the books again this afternoon. Superman is written on my shirt, today. Gotta do some errands later. I'll take my time. Day is young. Maybe this afternoon. Isn't it going to rain? Minimal transit means I'm trapped, basically. Which is good. Maybe it's time to go back into my bubble and hibernate. This years' Halloween is going to be quiet, I think. Was thinking of dressing up like a hipster, but not too sure. If I go out I might do something. Wear something that could be cool. And at Fame level of original. Head throbbing. Eyes closing. Need to take another nap? It's early. Not even Noon. What to do?