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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

justify my love..

I overheard a conversation yesterday while downtown that got me thinking. I even thought of it last night before I went to bed. Which interrupted the thoughts I want to think about before I went to bed. Stuff I want my dreams to be made up of. Thought I'd jot down a few words here. Two girls were talking. Pretty. Late 30s at the most. They seem like they worked in the mall. Both carried a good intellectual conversation. Not one swear word muttered. No slang used. Even though, they seem to be the types to be hip to the tongue, they refrained from it. I'm sure they LOL all the time while BBM'ing but that's beside my point. One girl - let's call her Sherry, was talking to her gal pal. Let's call her Lee. Lee asked Sherry about how her relationship was going. Sherry was confused. She didn't know what was up. She liked the guy but knew it wasn't going anywhere. However, she was trying to justify it. Repeatedly telling her friend that he's good for her and they'll work everything out. Never got to know what everything was but I can tell it wasn't good.

Once someone starts to tell themselves the relationship is good, it's not. They're trying to justify it so they don't have to listen to the other voices inside saying to get out of this ASAP. Relationships are supposed to keep the other on their toes. Take them to the next level spiritually and emotionally. Then there's also the whole trust, and loyalty rules. When all those things are gone, it's time to leave. I know it could be hard after you were with the person for more than 5 years and you seem like you can't think of life without them. It'll take time to get over them. It has to be done. Time to walk away.

As I finished up my coffee and put my camera back into my pocket, I got up from the seat and left the two girls talking. Hopefully Sherry is able to walk away. She's a looker and deserves to be happy with someone who would treat her well where she doesn't need to justify her love. She just knows.