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Monday, October 24, 2011

things i think in the park. with charlie.

Waiting for the phone to ring. Exhausted. Pavement pounded today downtown. Love my big city. I wear my feelings of Toronto on my sleeve. I noticed that today. I want to write a long entry, but it's just not happening. Seems like I keep on typing and erasing. Re-doing and then erasing again. Tired. I guess it won't be long as I thought. As my pops would say, When it's ready, it'll come knocking. Tomorrow. I'm in need of a long entry. I haven't had one in a while. Phone still not ringing. Phone is quiet there days. Hence the long entry. Stop thinking, Shane. Seems like everywhere I walked at the mall could've been a tribute to Steve. Reading. Texting. Touching. Nice to know people are still acting foolish. It was neat. I sat down in the park and chilled out with the birds. I named one Charlie. He was keeping me company. Think he was waiting for me to dig into my pockets and pull out a juicy Quarter Pounder. No go. Didn't happen. But he chilled anyway. He was cool. I people watched. Wondered if they're life was like mine. Or better. Or worse. If the suit people lived in snobby households up north and do winters in the Hamptons and why do the people from that big office building look so upset and angry? And why do the homeless people seem content? Things I think. I went deeper, but I won't bore you with those thoughts. They scare me, even. Stuff about the sky, clouds, the sun, moon, the universe. Big picture stuff. Thought all this while in a park. With Charlie. Maybe that's why I'm so tired now. Charlie wore me out.

Lesson of the day: Try to think during your day. Not too much. That'll just get you going crazy. Guess reflect is a better word. Reflect. Appreciate. Ponder. Ask questions and search out the answers. Never stop the wonder. It'll give your head a good workout and you will find you will get more appreciation for how things are and why. Hopefully that made sense. Again. I'm tired.