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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

need coffee

I need a coffee. I am nipping on peanut butter and honey sandwich right now. Need something to wash it down. Sweet and warm. Maybe a mocha? Mom came up with a good way of making one without the pleasure of having all those machines coffee shops have. Thinking of getting out this week. Spend the afternoon at a coffee shop. Work. Write. Relax. Get out. Be with the world.

The power of smell. Had a few dreams about ice cream last night. Woke up. Hungry. looked over. Realized I had my bowl of my midnight serving of double fudge on my desk.. I swear the bowl smirked at me, too in that I-now-control-your-thoughts-I-rule-your-soul kinda way..

Finished my sandwich. Crust is still there. Thinking of using it to mop up the peanut butter and honey that fell on my red plate. Good idea. Gotta finish this. I then can go upstairs. And make coffee.