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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the world is ending..

The world is ending. My Twitter homepage is telling me I'm new and I need to follow people before I get news on my home page. Meanwhile, at the top right it's still has that I'm following over 200 people. And it says that over 150 people are following me. Also in internetland, I just had a fight with Blogger again. It wasn't letting me sign in. I had to change my password. Five times. I got five text messages alerting me of the secret code so I can change my private pass code. Fed up, I did some digging. Looked like others were having the same problem. Looked like if you were using Chrome browser, like I was, Blogger was giving you issues. Made me wonder what would happen if the whole internet thing ends up crashing one day? When a simple Google search won't lead us to an answer. When passwords aren't good anymore. When you can't call for help using your twitter account or your Facebook status. How lost will we be? How much information would we loose? Would we be able to survive? I would dread to see that day. So much information is on here. About everyone. I hope that it just ends up being a glitch and never a huge problem where everything is lost. Remember how crazy we got about that whole Y2K scare? Has anyone thought that it could happen before the next big year change? Is this what 2012 got planned for us? I'm sounding like an overnight scare show on talk radio. I'll stop. But it is something to think about. I cringe at that day. If it ever comes.