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Thursday, March 17, 2011

missing st. patty's..

I decided not to drink this week. Going to keep it sober. Yes. I knew this week was the week that all beer drinkers look forward to all year long to wear green, drink for more than usual and have a huge hangover the following day when trying to survive a long day of work with a huge hangover, but a promise is a promise. Especially when said promise is made to oneself. I will miss the friends, the goodtimes, the stories told the next day. The embarrassing pictures taken and the huge bar bill. I'm on a creative roll right now and I can't afford missing out on some good energy just because of a drinkers holiday and wanting to sleep in due to a dumb headache and chest pains. But I will wish everyone else goodtimes all around and may you raise a glass and have a pint or two on me. Till next year, mate. Cheers.