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Thursday, March 17, 2011

doom and thom

When I was getting into Hip Hop one of the groups I was introduced to was KMD. A three guy group mainly known for their association with 3rd Bass. The main dude from KMD was a rapper named Zev Love X. The group didn't do too much except for a few classic tunes in the underground community. When Zev's brother, Subroc, passed away, who was also in the group, Zev took some time off from the culture only to resurface years later as the matured, skilled emcee MF Doom. If you are fan of this page, you know MF Doom has always been a favorite of mine. Meanwhile, Around that same time when KMD was getting my attention, I was also noticing another group. An alternative group. Radiohead. I always thought their leader, Thom Yorke was a genius. I later was proven right with Radiohead's later releases such as OK Computer. Both Yorke and Doom, I believe are two of the most gifted artists in music history. This is why I was happy to read today that they might be working together. Two legends. Two masterminds from the separate ends of the music sphere united. Now that is what art is made of.