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Monday, February 21, 2011

long weekend naps...

While the social media sphere is like a ghost town this weekend, I'm enjoying the long weekend catching up on some work, listening to some old CD's that I haven't heard in a while and enjoying the company of the family. Slippers on. Tea in hand. It's been a quiet weekend. Hibernating indoors with my comfy clothes on and just being thankful for what's around me. And the talents I have. And the positivity and strength that beams out when I use these powers to my own advantage.

I have to remember not to keep the television on when going to sleep. I've most likely have said it on here before, but I keep falling asleep before taking off the tube. And it haunts me for the rest of the night. Crazy dreams follow mixed up with various voices that don't match the faces or the people that are in my mind. Last night, I had a dream that I was awoken by an alarm clock thinking I had to go to my old high school for the Grade 12 play. I called my friend (who has since passed away) and told him I was going to be late. Next thing I knew I was running down a sidewalk on a sunny afternoon with no socks on nor shoes. I was skipping to the beat trying to get to the school so I can rest my burning feet. Finally get there and I ran into the washroom and pulled out a pair of long black socks. Put them on and then took off my sweater. I woke up.

I try not to analyze dreams too much so I won't bother to find any meaning into this, but it was weird. Woke up and found they were talking about track and field in high schools on the television. I guess that solved most of the puzzle. Thinking the whole sock thing was just made up by me.

As I am about to dig into my double decker grilled chicken sandwich with extra mayo and ranch dressing - Yes, I love creamy sauces - here's the lesson of the day. Open yourself up to what you have inside of you in what's the rest of this long weekend and listen to what your soul is saying. You might learn something new and if not, you will just grow from the experience. And that's what it's all about.