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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

distractions of the heart

Trying to get some work done on a Tuesday after the long weekend. Not focusing well. It took me almost an hour to read my friend Ryan Somers' blog . An average of 15 minutes per post. Usually takes me 5 minutes to read a blog post. The distractions? Social media notifications, e-mails, switching songs on the old stereo CD player, getting up for a snack, re-fill of coffee, washroom breaks. Heck, even now it's hard to formulate a good sentence. Is there a lot going on? Not really. I am working on a blogging contest which I have to work on today. Was going to do that this morning. But the distractions got the better of me and I ended up doing other things. Those things made me come here. Writing this post. Which in itself has taken me long enough to write. This is why I always say I work better at night.