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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

singing the phrases of the temps..

Woke up singing the phrases of The Temptations this morning. My Girl. Usually when a straight guy wakes up singing the verses of catchy love songs from the greatest generation, it means that he is smitten or that he got lucky the night before. For me, I just woke up in a good mood. That dancing, humming love songs, saying hello to the sun and the sky and the melted snow on the ground kinda mood. Refreshed. That would be the only reason why I woke up this way. A full night sleep. Much needed. Yesterday I got a bunch accomplished which cued me to head to the sack pretty early. Just after 10pm. Of course, I had to wake up at the regular 4.30 time slot. Just happens. Don't know why. Surfed the television for a bit, checking out what happened in the world overnight and then went down to make some tea. Chocolate chai. Greatest thing ever. My latest addiction. It even acts like an air freshener. I have three or four cups a day. If you haven't tried it yet, do so. And your welcome.

Lesson of the day: Turn off the TV and turn up the volume of some old love songs that you can sing along to. Take time to smell the flowers and take in what's good in your life. It'll cheer you up and maybe someone around you will take in that positive energy and make their day better, too.