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Thursday, December 16, 2010

someone interviewed me about trends..

A longtime reader of mine and a good friend of the blog, shot me some questions a few days ago to help her with a college assignment. She's taking Modern Media and Journalism. Or something of the two. I don't know. I just know we swap a lot of e-mails about blogs, writing, media, radio and TV news. That sorta nerd stuff. We're a special breed. We know. I tell her all the time she's going to be the first female to be in Larry King's spot. Anyway, this time around she asked me about trends. How were they on my blog this year. Has anything changed? Here's what I wrote. And oh yeah. Here's another bunch of questions she sent me before.

What to you is the word "trends"?

Trends is another word that was just made-up in the past few years. Before the innovation of Twitter, the word was just used in board meetings by big white dudes in suits crunching numbers and looking for the right target bracket. They were seeing what their market was doing. Buying, Watching, Listening to. That's what trending is. Now, you get everyone who is on Twitter talking about what's trending at the moment. What's the hottest topic or viral video or song or celebrity at the moment. It's always nice, though that kids are expanding their vocabulary in the modern age.

What was your hottest trending topics this year on your site?

Anything media. CFNY fired one of their hosts from the morning show not too long ago. Since, I've done a couple of articles about him. His name keeps coming up in my daily stats. There's not a lot of blogs out there locally that covers radio news. I think it's just me and this other guy named Mike Boon. All the other sites are more industry focussed and you have be part of the circle to really know about them like Brodcaster and the SOWNY board. Another big one would be the coverage I did for the Haiti relief concert back in January. I get a couple hundred weekly hits on that. People just checking out the highlights from the show. That's cool. But then I still get people wanting to know if Brooke Hogan is going to do Playboy. I posted that article two years ago. When the site was on a different topic stance. It was more about pop culture and racy news. Still, maybe 300 hundred hits within a month about Hogan's daughter going nude. Crazy. Actually I just checked. Get this. Of all time posts on my site, the Jason Barr gone form Edge story posted last August has gotten around 1,700 hits. The Playboy rumor one? 1,487. That one was posted in June 2008.

What has that taught you?
To post more media material? When I was growing up and was wanting to know radio and TV gossip I had a couple of outlets to turn to. One dude in The Sun and another guy in the Star that used to do a radio column in Saturday's paper. We were fed ongoing info about the latest firings, hirings, format flips and sing-offs. Now, a decade later, the regular folk don't have that luxury. Even in this pro-info age. Unless you're hooked up to the media news sites you have to wait till it's common knowledge or your lucky enough to have it be covered in one of the daily's. I think this is why all media related stories I have to cover. It's obvious people want to know why their favorite radio host is not there anymore and why their favorite radio station is sounding different suddenly. It doesn't surprise me at all. I understand that part of my duties. As a blogger, there's many hats I wear. I'm a person who writes about personal daily life stuff. I'm a critic, I'm a fan but also I'm a journalist who needs to spot a vacancy in the blogsphere and attach myself to it. I've been blogging about radio and TV stuff since I started this stuff in 2005. People have come to learn that I get the goods.

What do you see for 2011 trend wise?
I think people will continue to dig this whole social networking explosion. Don't see Mr.Twitter being People's top person next year, though. It will continue to evolve step by step. This year we took in a lot of new gadgets and sites and stuff. I think we're going to still get new stuff like toys and social networking sites but it won't be as powerful and innovative as this year. 2010 will go down in history for sure. This year was huge on music and pop culture. I don't see it being as big in 2011. Fashion will take a step forward, I think. So watch out for that. I don't know. I just know it's working. Twitter, Facebook, LinkdIn. All these sites have helped me with my site and have made me a more popular man on Google. Maybe next year I will be a trending topic. HA. Imagine that. You can say you knew me when.