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Thursday, January 28, 2010

someone interviewed me..

You know when blogging becomes big when an university student wants to interview you. I've been interviewed before. But mostly about music, and media stuff. This time it was more in depth. It was about social media and about blogging and about how it's going to progress. The nice person who sent me the questions yesterday was the daughter of a regular reader of mine in Jersey. Her daughter is going to NYU. She shot me these questions. I answered. Now you can check some of them below.

Q: What got you started in blogging?
I got started in blogging in 2005 when I wanted to take my writing more seriously. I thought that a blog would be an ideal way to get my stuff seen. I was also bored with the typical views and opinions about pop culture and news stories that I was following. I thought that I needed to be heard. It started off with just my little write-ups about my life and maybe a little tidbit about local media here and there. In the first year, I think I had only 50 posts.

Q: How has your blog evolved?
I think the blog is an extension to the blogger. Therefore, as I grew so did my blog. As my likes grew, it was reflected on my page. As I grew up, I started to like new things. I started to move away from other things. It was all reflected on the site. After five years of doing it, I think I've finally found my spot in the blogasphere. The page I'm doing right now is the happiest I've ever been with it. The concept. The style. The things I'm blogging about. Everything. But then again, as I said before. I continue to grow, so maybe that would change. Tomorrow. In a month. Year. Maybe even later on today. Who knows.

Q: What makes a good blogger?

Anyone can blog. But to be a good blogger? You got to have something to say. Everyone has something to talk about but is it good enough to have someone wanting to visit your page everyday to see what you jotted down? I think the best bloggers are the creative people who are always doing something. Always checking out new things. It's like that friend of yours who always has a new story to tell. Went on a new adventure. These are the people who you look forward to hearing how their day was. It's never `it was alright. Same ol' shit. Different day.' It's a ten minute story. I'm that friend. That ten minute story is found on my blog.

Q: What is Social Media to you?
Social Media to me? It's going to rule the world. If it hasn't already. Do you realize how much of terms we got from Facebook or Myspace or Twitter that we're starting to say in our everyday speech? Before the Book, how many times did you say "status"? Did you ever think that you would meet your first boyfriend or girlfriend from elementary school again. Like 20 years later? But it's more than that. It's going to be the new way to gain a fan base for your business. It's the new way to stay in touch. It's the new way to communicate. It's starting to be more impressive if you get a girls name so you can add her on Facebook or to get her Myspace account rather than her phone number. It's starting to be part of our DNA.

But to answer your question? To me? It's a new way to keep in touch, as I said. But mostly, it's been a new way to network with people you know and new people, too. Before all these sites, we had to use message boards and mass e-mails to keep your Friends and industry people abreast on what's going on. Now, just a quick little status, all your friends know what's up. It's amazing. To me, if used in a positive manner is the next way to be heard and to make money.

Q: Do you think the newspaper is dying form?
Yes. In the way we know it as. We will always want news. No matter form it is, people always love gossip. We want to know what's going on in other people's lives. Be it in Hollywood or in Haiti. The paper form is going to die. Soon. I predict in the next few years. Look at the Ipad. It's going to be the next way to read the morning news. I remember the day Michael Jackson passed. The following morning, I bought the paper. It was the first time I picked up The Toronto Star in years. In that sense, I think people will miss that personal touch that newspapers brought. Sure. You will be able to print up a story or save it on your hard rive, but it won't be the same as taking out a old shriveled up piece of black and white paper reading news from 5, 10, 15 years ago and getting those ink spots on your fingers feeling the same way the day you read the news. I'm a traditionalist like that.