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Saturday, December 18, 2010

just called to say i love you.

Do you ever wonder what life was like or would've been like if you met someone earlier? On an earlier date? At a different time? Have you ever thought what life was like before they came into your life? Been thinking about that recently. No one in particular, just random new and old names came to mind. People who I haven't seen in a while, people who I've just met. Family. Old Friends. Just people. Started to think what type of impact different people have had on me. Not like famous people or artists, or rappers or movie stars. I'm talking about people in my life. I know personally. It's crazy when you think about it. Different people. Different reason why you have them as a friend. It's maybe because you never think of it in that deep sense. That kinda train of thought most avoid because it forces you to think. Thinking hurts sometimes. This is why most don't like doing it. When you think of having friends, you attach yourself to them because of some type of like-minded likes, philosophies, dislikes and the such. But it's that thing that keeps them there. In that shotgun seat of your life. When I did the work and thought about it, it's amazing how many small or big reasons why I have continued friendships. And I have a few. They might think it's because you share a like in the same music, or that you have many mutual friends, but they don't realize it's that small act of kindness, or some words or some action they did towards you years ago that you will always remember and be indebted to them for. It's a wonderful time of year to think about why people are in your life. Why you love them. Why they have stayed on your speed dial and maybe, just maybe, make that extra step to tell them thank you for being in your life.