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Thursday, July 24, 2008

brooke's playboy?

Brooke Hogan might be posing for Playboy. According to US Magazine, "no decision has been made at this time," as Hulk Hogan's daughter is still thinking about it. This won't be the first time the failed singer would flaunt her 20-year old body in front of the camera. In recent months, Brooke has posed for guy mag Maxim and also was caught by paparazzi earlier this year being rubbed down on the beach by her ex-champ father which caused many people wonder what kind of relationship Hulk has with Brooke.

In related Hogan news, as reported by Perez today, Brooke has taken back a statement saying that her mother Linda was verbally and physically abused by her ex-hubby Hulk. "Brooke Bollea is distressed at the latest efforts by mother Linda to fracture the family. This time they let leak out an old document that Brooke signed filled with exaggerations and fabrications about father Terry's behavior during the marriage. The months-old document was signed by Brooke at a time when she was upset with her father." revealed Hogan's rep.

Brooke might be after Daddy's credit card and just keeping her mouth shut or she could have also been a victim of Mom's brainwashing trying to get Hulk behind bars and break apart the old clan...

This family I'm sure will continue to have more drama as the days go on..