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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i'm a music geek..

Reading the Music Geek Blog today written by the biggest local music geek and much loved radio guy, Alan Cross. I realized yes, I am a music geek. I knew I was That special music fan type a long time ago. Heck, Not everyone can use a reference about Motown label blues in a typical conversation about anything under the sun but I know I sure can but that's because I found it more fun as a kid to read liner notes and watch music bio shows than checking out the latest kid TV shows or playing Sega.

As a yougin' I grew up appreciating everything. Motown came first. Then Rock. Then Hip Hop. When my love for Hip Hop grew and started to understand the fundamentals of it, I started to appreciate music more.

In a way, Hip Hop taught me to love Music.

Yeah, I went through the whole "I'm a music snob" phase and only listened to unsigned artists and was labeled as a Backpacker in the Hip Hop circles, but then I grew up and once again, saw the true essence of what music was and no matter the genre, where it lands on the Billboard chart and if it's by a million dollar making teen sensation who is marketed to the masses or an unsigned kid who is trying to make a living off this thing called the music industry, it is good music. Sure, I still have some snobbery in me. I'm picky about production and how it's packaged to the public and other stuff the nerds would look out for, but hey, if it gets my head moving and I can relate to the track, I'm liking it.

On this site, I try to support the underground community as much as I can. That's because I believe they need more of a stage to rock on. Why should I continue to promote a singer or a band who you will see anyway on the video channel? I would rather expose you to something new. New sensations. New talent. New pipes.

Furthermore, as much as I support the new crew, I also like to show you some kind of history lesson of where it all started. Hence, a lot of my throwback sessions. It's a way to not only entertain but also educate. Thanks, KRS.

But that doesn't mean that I also don't enjoy a Justin or the occasional Janet. Music is great that way. There's a flavor for every day of the month and good music is still out there. You just have to take time to dig it up.

Dig in the crates.

So, Yeah, I am a music geek. Went through the motions and the phases, but what it all comes back to is to have an open mind. Except new sounds and listen objectively because it really has nothing to do with what label you're signed on or how long your PR guy took to create your image it's the music.

It's the music that matters.