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Thursday, December 9, 2010

lennon love

Remember that all-nighter I was going to pull last night? Didn't happen. My all nighters these days are till Midnight. I hit my band and zonked out. (I think that was the first time I ever typed zonked, by the way). I woke up with something in my eye. A piece of hair. Annoying pain in an area that's almost impossible to get at. Crazy feeling. Every time I blinked, boom. I felt it. In the corner. Just sitting there. Pricking away. Prick, Prick, Prick. I went back to bed. Hopefully it would get lost. Nope. Woke up. Washed my face and rubbed my eyes. People say that you shouldn't rub your eyes when there's something in there. But I did. A few minutes later, it went away. I felt better. Continued to blink a lot, though.

Is it the weather? Something about these days is when I need that nice word. Or good beat. Or someone's smile to make me want to start my day. On Twitter, I get a bunch of great dudes and gals spreading words of wisdom to me. Sometimes, that helps. Most of the time, I go to websites of people I respect and try to get inspiration from them. That always works. Last resort? I listen to music. Innovative music from my favorite artists. Today it wasn't that hard to get going. Nothing a coffee didn't fix. I think it was because I was listening to that Lennon special on Q107. His words were still fresh in my mind. I've been listening to Lennon all week. Amazing how many years later, the man's philosophies, ideals and words ring true. It would be more amazing, however, if he were still alive. Imagine hat he would say about the mess we're in today?

Got back to cooking today. Four chicken breasts with a spinach dip made with blue cheese, garlic, baby tomatoes, onion, mayo and ranch. Good stuff.