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Friday, December 10, 2010

chfi, boom rock in radio race

A very busy for Toronto media this week. On Wednesday, the all important fall ratings book was published. The book that looks at radio listening trends from August 30 to November 28 are the numbers that radio stations use to price ad time on their station for the upcoming year. These numbers are what makes and breaks a station. When the suits think if changes should come or tweeeks are ahead or if everything is good in the hood. The numbers, done in different listening brackets, are done in shares. 1 share equals to 100,000 ears. What most radio nerds, like me, look at though are is the 12+ book. This captures the habits of both male and female, aged 12 till death. In this years book, CHFI keeps strong with a heavy 12.6 share keeping the soft rock station in the lead. Main competitor retro rocker, BOOM 97.3 comes in with a close second spot and a comfy 9.8 share which is down from last year's number at 10.4. Top 40 mainstay CHUM-FM sits at third with a 8.7. The station is also down form last years'10.2. However, CHUM leads the female 25-54 bracket, with a 15 per cent share. CHFI comes in second.

In other brackets, The old CFNY tops males 8-34 earning a 18.8 per cent. Up from last years number of 16.4. 'NY only gets a 5.5 in the 12+ race. With males 25-54, the mighty rocker, Q107 leads the dog race with 13.4. Down form their 14 share number from last year. Q leads EDGE with 7.7 in the overall look.

In the talk radio race, cornerstone, CFRB comes in with a 5.5 followed by FAN's 2.8 while AM640 is close following with a 2.5.