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Saturday, December 11, 2010

how i met the voice mark dailey

Mark Dailey is Dead.

This is the story on how we met.

Mark, Tom Rivers and I were all apart of a radio message board. I made it evident about my friendship with Rivers. After Riv passed in 2004, the people on the board knew I was going to take it hard - like most people in the industry. Tom was a huge loss to us all. Tom passed on Saturday. I was getting drunk every day after that till I had to return to work on Wednesday. On that Monday, I was walking to my bar. My phone rang. Answered. This deep voice said "Shaner?" I responded, "Yes?"...He said "Dailey. how you doing"..I was held back. It was THE Mark Dailey from CITY-TV. For a few seconds I forgot that Tom passed. Totally forgot why he would be calling little old me from Richmond Hill, Ontario. Then it clued in. I told him how I felt. How it hurt. How I lost my best bud. For the next half hour, while I sat down in a bus stop, we swapped Rivers stories. We talked about radio and how Tom was way too good for the industry. Then he told me that he knew how close I was with Tom and if I ever needed anyone to talk to he'd be there for me. Be it about life, radio gossip, or relationships.

We spoke a handful of times. We also met, too. It's that friendship that he offered me that I will always hold close to my heart. How he made a point to make sure that his buddies bud was OK after they passed. Class.

That's one thing I will always think about Mark Dailey as.

A Class Act.