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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

don't mess with the flow...

I might have to do an all-nighter. Work is catching up on me and will have to do some extra blog and design work to keep ahead of the game. It's good. I always like to have work. Keeps me busy. That's the good thing about working from home. It makes me seem like a messy frat dude, though. Empty cups, plates, old chocolate wrappers surrounding the work space while trying not to move so I don't loose concentration. Miss the flow.

The holiday season is here. The house has been decorated. Tree is up. Lights are shining. Wreath is hung. I even put a mini-tree with lights on it in my room along with a stocking stuffer and a little Happy Holidays banner in my room. It's amazing how some little Christmas deco around gives you a little umph in your step. Nice to wake up with a shinning tree. Gives me that extra perk to wake up in the morning. What I don't like, however is the weather. Too cold. Another good ting about working from home is that I don't have to leave the house that much. Today, I walked to get the mail. It made me happy I don't have to fight with the snow and the ice and the wind chill every morning. Dreading that day I have to step out for a meeting. As long as it's not too cold, I can do it. I don't mind the snow. Not too much.

I might have an addiction. She and Him. The group. I have been playing the duo's latest drop Two for the past few days. In case you haven't heard them, check out these songs. Here, Here, Here and This one too.

I'm not liking the new Facebook layout.

I would like to say that I think CITY-TV were pure class acts in regards on how they handled the loss of Mark Dailey on Monday. The whole on-air staff were complete pro's and the tribute was top drawer. He would've been proud. Amazing how I can already feel the void on the station without The Voice being there. Over time, I'm sure it'll get easier as I'm sure the whole city will have to get used to not having Mark around to be the voice and our kind messenger at night. Hopefully.