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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

how to choose the right blog site for you.

Did this up for my companies first e-newsletter. Thought I'd share on here.

I've been blogging since 2004. Back then, Blogging was a new tool. Not many people were doing it. Internet nerds who were in the know, and writers were really the only ones. Since, blogging has been the latest thing to have on your site to show your clients that you're hip. It's no longer for the internet writer. It's become a valuable way to get personal with your web-audience and keeping them up to date with the latest going on's within your company.

Every blog site has something different to offer. Personally, out of the five different sites I've had I used Blogger the most. It's the easiest one to use out of the big ones. It's the Hotmail of Blogging sites. It also lets you be more creatively free with your layouts and the look and feel of the site. This is key. It's always important to look different - especially on the net. Of all the blogs I visit on a daily basis, none of them look alike - even if they have the same content. I think a huge part of the success I've had with my blog over the years is because it looks original. It's simplistic but still stands apart from the million other Blogger pages. However, on the downside, it doesn't offer different pages. Only one page for you, they say. This could be cool if you're just a blogger and don't need multiple pages like the Contact, About Us, Samples of Work and Photos page. However, if you're wanting to set up a company page based on a blog site, your best bet would be Wordpress. That's what my company uses. And I also use it for afreelance gig I have on the side. To tell you the truth, it took a while to get used to the site after being spoiled with the easiness of Blogger, however after a few times and sometime experimenting, you'll get a hand of it. I would recommended Wordpress for the more experienced internet/html user who knows about coding, and other internet jabber. Another downside about Wordpress is that it doesn't give you a lot of freedom in regards to making the site look liked yours.

Hopefully these little hints will help you go in the right direction. After all, it's you who will know when you find the right home. If you need anymore help, please feel free to hit me up. Always here to share advice and ideas