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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Another edition of Fame 15 on this lazy holiday Saturday afternoon.

Some television stations really need better and less annoying bumpers. One thing I've realized over the years is that one thing that never really works in ads is to have various sound effects. They turn out to be really annoying which makes the viewer want to change the channel. That's just me, though.

It's cold outside.

Sushi tonight. Can't wait.

They should have more Indian restaurants who do delivery. As far as I know, there's none in York Region. It's bad that we're just constricted to have pizza or Asian. I'd like more of a variety. Sushi delivery? That would be cool, too. I'd buy that.

It's been a real good year for music so far. Looking forward to the albums coming out this summer and fall.

I must go to the Rock the Bells festival this year.

I have to find my memory card from my old camera. I just got a new camera, but didn't come with one. Without one it only takes three photos. The video only lasts 10 seconds. Pretty useless without a card.

My random FML entry for the day? Today, my girlfriend's friend told her she had seen me shopping with a cute girl. When I came back home my girlfriend punched me in the face and asked who the girl was. Apparently her friend didn't tell her the cute girl was my three years old niece. I lost a tooth because of that punch. FML

One of my favorite Roseanne episodes is on. It's the one where her Dad dies.

I need to find some of my old photos to scan. All my albums are still in boxes from the move last year. It's always the box that's in the bottom with five really heavy boxes on top of it. Always.

I need to go shopping. Summer gear. Another hat. Another t-shirt. New shirt. New jeans. You know, the regular.

Did you watch Spectacle last night with the Police? First time I watched it. It's pretty interessting in that Inside the Actors Studio kinda way.

What did you think of the Billy Bob video? Ends up he has canceled the rest of this Canadian tour.

Baseball is looking good this year. Maybe I'll take in a few games.

I'm gonna eat.