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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

brooke gets hits..

The internet always seems to amaze me. Sometimes, I think I nailed down my target bracket and I continue to post what I like and think that will continue to get the regular hits I usually get. Then, I get a huge swerve and proven wrong. As soon as I think I know what my readers want to read, I get this.

Last night I checked out my weekly stats when I saw something odd. Back in late July 2008, I posted one little newsbit about Brooke Hogan being in talks with Playboy. Seems like that one post has generated more than half of this sites traffic. I get mostly people coming from Google looking for either news about Hogan's playboy spread or pictures. Amazing. I never thought that my page would be a source for Brooke Hogan's nudity. And the posts that I thought would get hits? Um. Not so much.

Amazing how this internet thing is.