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Thursday, February 26, 2009

cracked out dreams

It's been a while since I posted some of my dreams. I have had a few from the last couple of weeks I've been meaning to write about, but something else just keeps popping up that seems to be more pressing to post. Breaking news, everywhere. Everyday. Seems like my personal stuff is taking a backseat to the world's dirty laundry. But not today. I'm finally going to jot down my dreams - the ones that I remember. I've had a few. Hopefully, I give them justice and re-tell them correctly.

This first dream I had a few weeks ago. I'm in this circular building with a bunch of doors and windows around. Millions of windows and doors spiraling upwards to the roof. The hallways were going all the way up with people busy walking all over. Up, down. Across, backwards, forwards, sideways. I was confused. I was walking around looking for something familiar. Trying to spark a clue on why I'm there. It's organized confusion. Tame anarchy, in a way. I finally see someone I know. I go and start talking to him. My friend tells me that he wants to take a drive. We hop into his car and we head out of this crazy structure. We're joined by some other people. Don't know them. My friend is driving all over the place. It seems like we're going through the worlds longest tunnel. It's going on for hours. Suddenly, my friend looses control of the car and we start driving sideways on the tunnel's wall. It feels kinda cool. We're all screaming because it's pretty cool but also because we're pretty freaked out. My friend finally gets control and we end up at the boarder. We cross safely. We're suddenly back in that odd looking building. We all get out and start to roam once again.

Here's another. This one went down last week.

I'm in my room. Seems like a regular day. Nothing too much out of the ordinary. I walk out of my room to get ready for work. I head downstairs, but downstairs isn't my downstairs. It's a restaurant. A really nice sportsbar slash bookstore slash art supplies stop. I walk around looking for my kitchen. People are walking about in my living room reading magazines, sipping coffee, drinking beer, playing pool, picking canvas' and art supplies. I'm confused. I head back upstairs to gather my thoughts. Head back downstairs and everything is normal again. I head to the kitchen in the meantime looking for any leftover clues of what I had just seen. Nothing. Must be going crazy, I thought.

This last one was from a few days ago. I'm in my bed touching this girls face. She's awake. Her eyes are open and she's breathing and she's blowing me kiss. I try to talk to her. She can't speak. She's mouthing the words but there's no sound coming out. She falls asleep. I get worried so I call the ambulance. They arrive and we head to the hospital. Next thing I know I'm in the ER by her bedside. I'm trying to remember where I know this girl from. She's continuing to stare at me with peaceful eyes. She's trying to tell me something. Still nothing. The doctors tell me that I have to leave the room. I stand with my face glued to the ERs door. I can't seem to leave her side. Don't want to. No one comes. I go find a seat. The doctors come to see me seconds later. She's ok. They say that she was amazed about something that she ended up being speechless. I try to find out why she was speechless. Why she was amazed. Nothing.

I wake up.