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Sunday, October 26, 2008

just me yakkin'...

Got another inspiration for a piece. Might start it tonight. Don't know. Yet. Depends. Am I tired? Not really. Just in that creative mood. I guess that is what happens when you had tons to do in a week. Once the mentality of doing what's necessary relaxes, the mental focuses on what's needed. The brain has time to play and look at other parts of the spectrum for fun stuff. Stuff that I actually care about. Not that I don't care about the other aspects of daily doings in life, but it's that part of life, that I look forward to doing because it's fun and well, it's a way of relaxation. Kinda like loving your job. Waking up in the morning and wanting to go back to bed. You know you love what you do and you can't wait to get to the office, but that thing in you just wants to lay down under that big furry blanket and just snooze. You're happy being at the office, but that temptation of relaxation just seems just that much more comfortable.

This new piece is going to be pretty cool. Don't want to say too much too soon. Don't want to ruin the whole image of it. Or, I guess, the idea of it. Or the ideal..or, well you know what I'm saying. My paintings never really comes out as I want them to be. I guess it's a good metaphor for life. You think something will come out one way, but no. Never. It always comes out the other way. The way that you never expected to have but at the end of all the drowning in sorrows that it didn't plan out to be your ideal, you realize that it worked out for the best and well, it came out better than you thought.

Can something actually be better than the ideal?.

It's amazing how that very song that you're thinking about due to something going on in your life at the moment always comes on be it the radio, Ipod, your computer's playlist or your Dad's CD.

I'm really feeling MGMT and Foreign Exchange. Check em out.

Music is great like that. As per my previous point. The news bands I'm starting to like - MGMT for one - have singles out right now (even if it's re-releases) that have so much to do on what's going on right now.

Music is magical like that, huh?

It's almost like the soul is a magnet subconsciously stuck to a certain band or artist for a reason and that reason has to do with what's going on in your own self.

My man Planet Pea once told me that one of his favorite quotes are and it stood out. To paraphrase. Music is so great because when it hits you it doesn't hurt. But going to take it to the next level. The level where It's about the music going inside of you before you notice it invading your system..Kinda like Cancer. But this type of disease is good. It feeds you. Nurtures you. Inspires you. Loves you. Teaches you. Progress' you and your mental thought of daily situations. In a way, it's the reason why we can move forward and not look back.