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Sunday, October 26, 2008

my yesterday's special

I read a nice entry from Fred Patterson the other day talking about how ex-radio partner Humble Howard wants his daughter to shadow Freddie's daughter at work. She works at MuchMoreMusic.

The article talks about how time goes so fast as a parent. One day they're little buggers asking for anything they see on the tele and then the next, they're asking you to buy the new toy for their own little buggers.

I'm not a parent, but being an uncle I can see how time can fly. But that's not the point of this entry. It's about how I did a little memory jogging and thought back to the younger days.

One of the special memories that came to mind were the days I would plop myself in front of the television and watch TVO. Today's Special was my favorite. I thought of what type of silly situations the foursome would get into and when The Hat would fall off. How great the theme song was. The intro. Remember it? It was great.

Checked for it on Youtube. Found it. What? This was it? No. It has to be a different one. This can't be it. Really?. I guess it's all about time and how you look at little stupid theme songs as the best thing ever. Not because you as a young tot you weren't exposed to anything better, but it's because that was your highlight of the day. It was you going to your favorite band's concert. It was meeting your favorite Celebrity. It was Your Huge thing that nothing could top. Not even Mom's Mac and Cheese which I used to munch down on every time I sat in front of the tube watching this kids television show.

And it took me almost 26 years to admit to myself that Today's Special was just another kids show. It's because of the memories I have attached to it.

It seemed Bigger.

Kinda like when you go back to your old elementary school and see the playground you played in. It's never as big as you remembered it.

This is why sometimes, the past is better left in your head rather than digging it back up, again. As Fred said, Time can really be a prick.