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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

stones throw meets arabian prince

Arabian Prince got lost in the back alleys of West Coast Hip Hop history. Prince, born Mik Lezan, who was one of the main characters behind the release of early 80's Hip Hop doc Breakin' and Enterin',released a handful of full length albums and plenty of singles by the time he joined famed Hip Hop group, NWA where he appeared on the groups joint, Panic Zone which was followed up by Something 2 Dance 2 on the legendary Straight Outta Compton LP. However when group member Ice Cube returned from university, Prince found that the posse was getting a bit too big and was forced to return to his solo visions. Before he was pushed out, he was one of the main heads behind the forming of Ruthless Records.

Now, superstar underground Hip Hop label - and maybe my favorite label at the moment for putting out quality product and having good work ethic, Stones Throw Records' master Peanut Butter Wolf will be releasing a compilation of Prince's works from 1984-1989 featuring his electro hit, Take You Home. The 12 track CD will also include a 20-page booklet with a west coast rap timeline. The album drops next month.