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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

will disney pull the ladies from tour?

While Disney higher-ups have to worry about their younger starlets getting into trouble and ruining the big eared fantasy land of the younger generation, it seems now they also have to worry what their older respected Canadian band guys are up to. In the wake of Barenaked Ladies frontman Steven Page's arrest on coke and pot possession, it's curious to see if Disney will pull the Canadian loved ones from the Music Block Party set for this summer.

Will it look good on Disney if they have an accused user on the road boasting the bands new kids album, Snacktime?

Page is due in court July 17th and then I guess it'll be up to him and Disney.
However, I don't think the kids really care that some dude singing the songs they like did some stuff in a car.

They came for the music.