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Monday, July 21, 2008

chum brings in lamb...

CHUM-FM has found Rick Hodge's replacement. Enter Darren Lamb - the popular drive home guy. Before joining CHUM, Lamb fronted a top rated morning show in Vancouver along with other popular stints out west.

"Darren is a fantastic addition to Roger and Marilyn," hinted David Corey, program director for 104.5 CHUM FM. "His sense of humour, love of music, and unique perspective on pop culture makes him a perfect fit with Roger and Marilyn." stated the press release.

As one radio insider said, It looks like longtime CHUM host, Roger Ashby might be soon feeling the same way Leno is right now.

"It's OK, Rog. You can take a nice summer vacation. You can also take it till late Fall. The whole year if you want. Don't worry, You'll always have a home here at good 'ol CHUM."

Yeah. Sure.

Darrin and Marilyn in the Morning. Nice ring to it, huh?