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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

longtime chum morning team broken-up...

When I first heard the rumors about something big might be happening over at Chum-FM Mornings, I was going to make it a little blurb on here as a whisper. Not confirming anything and not even identifying who I was talking about. Not because I didn't have all the details or not that it wasn't confirmed but it was because I couldn't see it happening.

They're breaking up?
Can't be!

But it does look like it's happening. Maybe the most successful morning team ever in Canada are parting ways. Well, at least one of their main voices will be leaving the table. It's just about time when the other two turn off the Chum microphone.

It was confirmed today by Astral Media that Chum's longtime morning sports guy Rick Hodge will bring his vet sports head and his Sports Snorts bit to CFRB in the coming months.

Hodge has left the Chum building - after 20 years as part of the Roger, Rick and Marilyn morning run.

Where does this leave Marilyn and Roger?

There's a rumor that one of the two has either put on notice or is about to announce their resignation while the other one is expected to stay around the CHUM studios.

Meanwhile, with a new program director in house over at Mix, could this mean this could be just the beginning of a very hectic era-ending radio summer?

Stay tuned.