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Friday, February 7, 2014

tales of winter 2014

The wintry tales of 2014. 
It’s getting to be a lengthy and interesting read. Underlined with bouts of migraines and really bad insomnia, the cold bite this year has taken all the fun out of these cold months. It’s just become a big bore of wintry mental mayhem sparked by piercing wind chills and mountains of snow.
I haven’t been able to head to work this week. Migraines, sparked by the minus eleven to seventeen temperatures start the head throbbing two hour attacks that makes me just want to curl up in a ball, and listen to Loosing my Religion - even though, I do prefer Nightswimming. 
These are my Wintry Tales of 2014.
Warm beverages, including a  recent obsession for hot apple cider, helps cure the mental creeps of the day and night. Solitude, quiet music, darkness do their part, too. Maintaining a good balance of all of these is needed as too much of anything can make a hibernating man go crazy.
Hibernating? Not really….
I guess hibernating in the sense that I’m not so outoorsy this year. I’m staying in doors. And by in doors I mean local pubs, my house, and restaurants. The biggest spark of migraines happen at home. It makes me hate being at home. Which makes me go out more. Drink more. Spend money more. Eat more. Vices that I could do without. Especially the more drinking. Short term save haven or just an escape from the real problem? I’m scared to face the truth in a way, but at least i know which one it is. 
The short term escape from reality has helped me. It’s become a blissful vice away from the anxieties of winter. Winter 2014. 
These are my tales of Wintry Tales of 2014. With more to come, I’m sure…
Till part Two.