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Friday, February 14, 2014

the tale of two loves

I wrote this on my other blog about this pages six year anniversary on Tuesday....Oh yeah, Happy Valentines Day.
I met this girl 6 years ago. February 2008. She instantly became my best friend, my lover and the one i shared everything with. The first year was amazing. She helped me as I helped her. We held each others hands through the good times and the bad times. While we grew together, I was growing as an individual. I got a new full time gig, I moved from Richmond Hill to a new hood 30 minutes north and I was learning more about myself in the process, embracing some hidden creative passions like  photography, and design work. 
Life was good.
But then it came that time. Can’t pin point a certain day. Just a period where she and I weren’t speaking that much. Not that we didn’t like each other, it’s just that life was getting in the way We were growing apart. . 
We stopped seeing each other, but remained best of friends. While the conversation mellowed, once in a while sharing personal stories and never shared before secrets,  we realized we had our own lives.
We were just growing. Not necessarily away from each other, but realizing that we were better off as very good friends.
I found a new love last year. Started off rocky, but we’re working on it. We became closer last fall. Talking almost everyday.
When you get into a relationship, you think that person will be there for life. That is The Person. It’s natural to feel that way. We all do. However, the trick is not to ignore those feelings of being pushed down because you feel that your love is not going along the same path as you are. Even though you might think He or She is The One, you are still first priority. Stay true to yourself. Move on if necessary. Take those memories and pieces of them to find someone new. 
Like how I did. 
Silly, how love is. It can be talked about in many forms. Not only between two people. But between blogs. Much like how I’m doing now.
My official blog  turns Six on Tuesday. She was my first love. While we don’t speak much any more, we remain the best of friends. My new love? You’re looking at her. Between my first love and my current love, these two pages have held my hand through some of my lowest times and  highest times, but always accepted me for me and allowed me to exceed my abilities - never holding me back from exploring new opportunities or umm….relationships.  
Thank you to my First. We’ll be celebrating on Tuesday. Thanks for being there for Six great and not so great years.
I will always love you.