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Monday, December 30, 2013

before the big dance

This will be short. I’m tired, my fingers are half frozen half tired and well, WWE Monday Night Raw starts in 20. 
This will most likely be the last entry for we get to the big dance tomorrow night. Before we bring in 2014. Two-Thousand and Fourteen. Can you believe it? 
I’m going to knock out the person who says `See you next year’ in a sarcastic, whimsical way, thinking they’re the one who came up with the one liner, attempting to channel their inner George Burns - While George is actually rolling over on his smokes, somewhere.
Be original. George would have a chuckle at that. 
I’m full. In an attempt to get rid of some of the frozen food that has been in my freezer for a while, I made Chicken Parm spiked with veggies and lemon. You know those dishes that you originally think would be okay, but end up being delish and end up eating the whole creation? This was one of those plates. 
Ok, I’m done. Done for the year. See ya at the Big Dance. It’ll be a good one, Kids. 
Be safe tomorrow.