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Thursday, December 26, 2013

train of thought

What a snappy name for an entry seeing that I’m on a train heading back to Toronto. The old thinking cap just after 6am on Boxing Day morning.
The two day turnaround trip was eventful. Tons of drinking, lots of love and Santa cheer. An ideal Christmas with some of the best people around. And I do mean that. Really.
Surrounded by ladies in their staple travel gear. Hoodie, Sweatpants, with their hair pulled back. I find this trend is extra hot. I’ve always said - girls look the best the more relaxed they seem. I’m a sucker of a gal with a hoodie. 
The train is packed, surprisingly for the first trip out the day after Christmas Day. Guessing, a bunch of people are heading back home - just like me. But this early? I shouldn’t talk. Why am I taking such an early train? The others were all booked. And the breakfast is good. And by breakfast, I mean apple juice and a black with double sugar. 
Think I’ll try to get some shut eye. Just wanted to stop by, with some train of thought.