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Monday, December 16, 2013

summer smells of 1992 and saturday.

I call them smell memories.

I’m not sure If anyone else gets them, but I get them a lot. It’s when I get a quick, random whiff out of nowhere. The smell is not fitting to where I am at the moment.

It’s a smell from another time, another place. I quickly place where that smell originates from and learn from it. I like to think it’s my subconscience trying to remind me of a better time. Or when I was going through similar emotions.

Sometimes, I can’t place the memory on the spot and it takes me ages to remember. 

Today, while in bed, sick, about to take an afternoon nap, thinking of the weekend that was - a more interesting alternative than counting sheep, A memorable summer afternoon smell breezed by. I placed that smell from the summer of  ’92. It was the smell that summers were made of. The breeze that came into my room when Mom was cleaning.  It was mixed with Pine Sol , and fresh baked goods from the oven and flowers from the front lawn freshly put to rest on the living room table.

But I placed the smell of 1992 with a crush I had that summer. I remembered her. We’re still friends.
As soon as I connected the smell with the memory, I remembered how I felt when I was around her. How I thought of her every day.

Could this be connected to something I’m going through right now? Nah. I’m too old for those feelings. So why now? Why at that very moment when I was thinking of the weekend? When I was thinking of Saturday

My subconscience is trying to tell me something. Maybe it is about Saturday. Maybe it’s about the similar feelings I had then that I had on Saturday

What else? Should I run with it?  Should I pursue Saturday

Saturday. I’ll see you soon, hopefully and when I do, it’ll be more because of us now than what happened in 1992. Memories are fun. Memories are learning tools and make you stronger if you use them correctly, but nothing should or will compare to us now. Today, in the winter of  ’13.