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Monday, July 9, 2012

the today that almost never was.

Today was a good example of when you push yourself to the limit, anything is possible. Let's rewind a bit. The past few weeks, I haven't locked in more than 5 hours of straight sleep. Blame mostly allergies and insomnia. It's extra special when they drop in on the same night.  This brings me to this morning. I woke up drowsy with a little under 3 hours of rest. I couldn't lay in bed anymore. I knew if I did, my whole Monday would be wasted. I got up, poured the coffee, had breakfast, and started to work the morning while slowly waking up. As I pulled up my daily To-Do List, I realized that I wasn't happy with my previous server that hosted my old Photography site. I decided before I get what needs to get done today, I need to find a better server. So the search started. It didn't take long to find a new home. The day was spent building. Designing. Writing copy. Uploading. Erasing. Re-writing. Redoing. Finally, just after 6pm, I was done. Satisfied with my work. Amazed how much work I did on a day that almost never was.

Great momentum to go into my 34th Birthday on Saturday, I thought.

I would  like to thank my veggie salad with extra olives, tunes from Phoenix and The National, positive energy from the Sunshine, and the black bird who kept me company on the window sill that helped me get through the day that almost never happened. I owe you all.

Now, Time for some rest. After I pop my allergy pill.