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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

honest ocean.

A couple years ago a friend of mine told me, while we were enjoying a beverage on a hot summer day, that she loved my writing because it was brutally honest. Real. She told me that she would shed a few tears when she read my material. Not because it was sad, or depressing, but because it was so honest. And because of that, it was beautiful. She said she hadn't read anything more honest stuff than my stuff. I was flattered.

I didn't shed a tear last week when I read Frank Ocean's coming out letter, but I felt his brutal honesty. It was beautiful. It made me appreciate him even more. More as a brave individual than an artist. An artist, I already called him that, because he is and is on his way to legend status. Too soon to say? Think not. One listen of his debut album, Channel Orange, you'll see where I'm coming from.

The album, which was dropped digitally a week earlier than expected, is a masterpiece. From bringing back a true RnB sound (Monks), to the cleverly written melodies (Pink Matter featuring Andre 3000), awesomely produced songs (Sweet Life with Pharrell Williams) and unique euphemisms (Pyramid), the record is flawless.

Even though some creative risks would've been nice, I'm not at all disappointed. In fact, I'm Inspired. Inspired to write. It's not often that a young artist can release his debut album with creative control and be as honest as he wants to be while also making incredible music to help us along the way hear his story. These types of artists don't come along too often.

Press rewind, and play again. This one is a classic.