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Monday, July 9, 2012

zen-like moments..

I used to do yoga every week in school. Because I had to. Sunday, I went because I wanted to. It's all about balance, as I tell my friends. Sure, having drinks, staying up late, and poisoning your body is all good in all, but you also need some positive in there, too. Some time for reflection. Meditation. Physical and Mental growth. For the whole summer, the local yoga studios are sharing an outdoor space for a free hour of basic yoga. Thought it would be a good lead-in refresher course  if I want to make more of a habit of this. It wasn't that hard and I felt amazing after. I felt this weird zen-like aura around me for the rest of the day. It was peaceful.  Sure, I have other mediums I use to escape the norm. Writing, Hiking, Painting, Photography, Cooking. Today I was happy to explore a new/old thing.

 Back in High School, when I was forced to go to the Yoga class, I was a stiff board fresh from back surgery. Today, I've gained a few more pounds, got less stiff and in the best health I've been in years - considering the abuse I do to my body every week. Balance. Moderation. Find your thing to do that will give you peace within. Roll with that when needed. It'll give you those Zen-Like moments that you wish for in the midst of those crazy late nights.