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Friday, January 6, 2012

z103 gets energized..

Just as I predicted back on December 20th, One of the two remaining Evanov Broadcasting Z103 stations have re- branded into Energy103. The rumour started mid-December when it was found that the Evanov group have bought a bunch of web address' boasting Energy103. The same name of an Evanov station in Winnipeg which came out of the gate last summer with high numbers. It was whispered that the company is planning to flip their Halifax and Toronto Z properties in the new year. Which they have. Well. Almost. Today Z103 Halifax turned into Energy103 right after the suits axed the morning run, the afternoon talent and a producer.

Could Z Toronto be next? I think so.

Z103, which is based out of Orangeville, Ontario, is plugging the start of a new promotion on Monday. That's when the flip will happen, I'm guessing. Nothing like a little tweak to boost the dismal ratings and get the advertisers interested again. It's also interesting to note that the URL Energy1035.com goes to Evanov's homepage where Z Toronto is the last standing one with the name.

Let's get Energized, Toronto.