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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the energy needed back in local radio..

The latest radio rumour has got me thinking.. Why? Why does the Toronto radio market have to be so stupid at times. Maybe I should inform you first, then make my case. It was heard yesterday that the Evanov group have registered a bunch of sites with the moniker Energy103. Yes. Evanov are the same guys who own Z103 here in Toronto and in Halifax. So, this raises the question are they about to  re-brand and tweek for 2012?  Evanov kicked out an Energy moniker station in Winnipeg this last summer which came out of the gate with a huge 6.2 share. The Z103 here rarely gets more than a 3 share. Furthermore. And this is part of my problem. There's four other CHR stations in Toronto. Only one of them get ratings higher than a 6 share on  regular basis.

So, why can't Evanov - if they're thinking of rebranding -  try something brand new? Something that's hasn't already been done. Something that's already going on. Toronto is the largest Canadian radio market. I believe our market has room for some out of the box radio formats. No more Rock, though. We have too many of those, too. How about an 80s station? Or News/Talk station based on the FM dial? Let's even try Country again. Anything.

I'm trying to think of what other format would work with the word Energy as its moniker, but by judging the new station in Winnpeg, it looks like Z might just turn to Energy next year.

(Don't forget kids, we used to have an Energy moniker station years ago. It was CIDC 108FM.)

Tired of the same stuff on the dial, let's make changes that would progress our market. Not make it the stale old humped back grandfather it has become.

Come'on. We need the energy back in Toronto radio.