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Saturday, January 7, 2012

x and 'mind

If you were a fan of Hip Hop in Toronto back in the late 80s to the 90s you would know that you couldn't get the sounds if you didn't listen to some of our local college radio shows. And you would also be familiar with two names. Mastermind (now on FLOW 93.5) and DJ X. I'm sure there's a few thousand heads around my age who always wanted to be in their position. Spinning the tunes and interviewing the biggest emcess coming through on a promo tour. And like the true heads you respect, you are always in awe when they speak of the `old days'. No matter how old you are, you sit down and be quiet and hear their stories.

Came across this interview the two did promoting a new mixtape they did together. You can download it here. But first, check out this well directed interview as X and Mastermind talk Hip Hop in a Hip Hop heads' playground. The record shop..