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Friday, January 6, 2012

cold sweats.

Woke up in cold sweats. No Nightmare. No crazy flying dream. Just woke up in cold sweats. Not sure why. I craved the leftover french fries that have been sitting in the fridge for two days now. Made some poutine with them on Wednesday. Needed a fry break after that dish. Today is a new day. Today I was able to finish them. Downloading the Alexander Ebert album. Waiting. I did have some weird dreams last night. A bunch of fighting and tripped out stuff that I don't want to get into. One does have to do with a family reunion and me running away and falling off my bed in the hotel room. I hear if you dream about being in bed, it signifies `putting a situation to bed'. Get it? Cool. I was hoping I didn't need to explain that. Anyway, I think I know what my body is trying to tell me. Thanks for the heads-up, bud. The download is almost finished. I'm really digging this Alexander dude. If you get a chance, give him a listen. He's cool. I fell asleep before The Shore last night. Debating if I want the fab gino crew in my life for 2012. Maybe. Just so tempting to watch. Addicting, really. Sad. I'm sure I'll watch. Just getting really tired of them and their useless manufactured drama. It's Friday. My yearly weekend of vegetating and creating has begun. In solitude. I like to begin the first weekend of the year like this. I have done it for maybe five years now? It's a chance to detox from all the stuff I did during the holidays and a chance to be by myself and think. Sore from the yoga I did last night. I might have to watch some How To videos this weekend on how to properly execute the moves. This is why I love Youtube. Vimeo is fast becoming a favourite, too. Ah.  Download is done. Pressing play. Goodnight.