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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the oyster dish.

Had an early dinner date. Thought I'd get my mind off things and work on a plate of mine that never fails inside a room that I'm legend. The place. The Kitchen. The meal. Smoked oysters. The actual plate is an app, but tends to be so filling, I just add a bit more umph to my dip and a few more crackers and it becomes a finger-food full out meal for two. We both enjoyed it while we chatted about world events. We kept it light. War and Religion. Death came up too, The Oyster Dish isn't something I do too often. Even for myself. Frankly, I can't stomach them too many times in a year. So when I do make 'em it's special. And for someone special. I don't like to cook for just anyone. At anytime. I only use my skills for good and the good people in my life who I want to share my creative side with. While many ask for me to stir something up for them - usually drunk food at 3am after an all-night banger, I refuse. If they're close. For sure. I tend to make a great after-bar night pasta. Much more healthier than any fast food Mc joint. While our palates were having slight orgasms, we sat back and appreciated each others company just waiting for the next time I create something to have sparkling conversation over. Don't abuse your powers for just anyone. It's only the ones who care that will appreciate it and not take it for granted. An oyster dip tip before I go? Chives. Bon Appetite!