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Thursday, October 13, 2011

leave ego at door..

I went to a Hippy school. (You can actually read about my times at Waldorf Here). I can't lie. The methodology of the Hippy is great. Most views I agree with. Some, I don't. I believe in peace and being good to the earth and soul and other humans and all that junk, but I'm also a fighter. Sometimes a .40 caliber makes more of an effect than a sit-in surrounded with flowers, pot smoke, and Dead tunes. Sometimes, the big yellow smiley faces just can't win the war. Yoga is the one place where I tend to go to retreat and get away from the craziness that has become modern society. Even though I don't go as much as I would like, my acupressure mat gives me the meditation and peace that I need. Still confused on how little needles can bring peace. Kind alike that whole gun point I made earlier, huh? The Leave Ego at Door sign that's posted on the front entrance of the local yoga hub is deeply meaningful and should be observed by more and not only by the like-minded individuals going inside.

Lesson of the day: Simple. Leave your ego somewhere else. And just be while you have your riffle in your back pocket. Just in case things get messy.