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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

where did i get this energy from?

Was tired this morning. All week, really. Didn't think I was going to do anything today. Sat in front of my computer and just thought. What to do while doing the regular internet morning runs while listening to the news that was on behind me. I read some blogs and then remembered that I had to do some writing. For my Our Kids bit. Started to do some investigating. Research on what to write. I checked around while glaring outside and the beauty that it was. Sunshine. Light breeze. It was fantastic. I was inspired. I decided to do an article about gardening.

I noticed I had frozen wings in my freezer. Decided to put them on the babie for lunch. I made a video. I never thought I would do so much today. I had no energy. Where did this energy and inspiration all of a sudden appear from? The sun inspires. The light breeze does, too.

I decided to do a video of me working. This is a video of me editing my video of making the chicken wings. This is me rubbing my eyes and eating. Reading. Writing. This is me on a typical day. Still. Don't know where this energy came form.