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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

digging gardening

As I was getting my mind getting ready to jot something down on here, I was in the garden. Pulling out weeds, covering the holes with soil. Watering.

Gardening is my new hobby. Always found it interesting, It's only this year when I'm going to keep my resolution and get with the program. The first time I put in a good days worth of spending time with mother nature, was during the May long weekend when Mom asked me to help her out on the Friday afternoon. We ripped. Dug. Planted. It was nice. She thought I would be tired. Wasn't. Full of energy of trying something new. It must be something in the soil. Mother Nature giving us some of her power to help us continue making her look pretty. Giving her a hot new makeover in time for the summertime sun.

My love for Her derives from my times at the Toronto Waldorf School. As I have wrote about it on here before, we spent a lot of time in the huge forest in the back and even in the ravine. Investigating. Educating. Adventuring. Learning about our land and eating what it served us. I wish I spent more time paying attention in Botany class. Maybe it would've given me the appreciation I have for it now, sooner.

I recently found out about Waldorf's gardening program. It fits in perfect with their holistic approach to education. The kids, as young as third grade, rip. Dig. Plant. Investigate. Educate themselves. Go on adventures. They even eat straight from the garden. They learn about how the food tastes and feels and looks different. How it looks and feels and tastes before it's sold in your local Super Store. They also look at the importance in composting and how to treat the earth with care and love.

When I first read about this, I wish they could have these lessons for adults. For grownups. Big people tend to forget how important this stuff really is.

How I wish I spent more time in the garden during my days of High School rather than walking the pave going to the donut store.

For more information on Waldorf's Gardening Program go Here.