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Thursday, April 7, 2011

a french lymric on your birthday

I had a lunch at an Italian restaurant today when we drove up to Boca Raton to take in the sights. I feel bad that I wasn't at my 100 percent otherwise, maybe I would've enjoyed it more. Taken in more sights. We did however see the Boca Raton Art Museum which was tres cool. They had an interesting African exhibit showing the timeline of different era's of art. What I liked the most is the Contemporary Photography section. People have done some crazy things with film over the years. The lunch reminded me of last years dinner I had with a friend who celebrated her birthday at a French restaurant near Sheppard Center in Toronto. The sip from the glass, the taste of the soup and the bite of the garlic bread brought back special memories from that night. Not like I don't ever not think of her. Because I do. And especially today I'm thinking about her a bit more. On her birthday. The first birthday where shew won't be around. Happy Birthday, Special Lady. You would've looked a glorious 30 years young. We miss you.