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Friday, April 8, 2011

miami dreams

Couple dreams of note I had this week while in Miami. Last night I had one. This is how it went.

I'm in a huge room and looking at a TV screen. It's me on the TV. Talking on a payphone and waiting for the bus in the rain. The video speeds up and it's me in fast motion, smoking a fag, kicking leaves, talking to myself, texting, getting impatient. The bus comes and I get on it. Oh yeah. It was in black and white, too.

Another one? I'm with a girl at a coffee shop by the ocean. No one else is there. Just me. Her. The blue waves and clear white sand dancing between our toes. We're talking. I then reach out to hold her hand. I look at her huge ring on her small finger. I ask her about it. She tells me I gave it to her last year. When we met up one night. She said she has never taken it off and will never. I asked if it symbolizes our love. She smiles and puts her head down. She doesn't answer. I ask again. Again. No answer. I play with her long brown hair. She gets up and starts to walk around. She's walking fast in circles. As she walks, she fades away until I don't see her anymore.

I wake up.