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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the heart breaks

It's gotten to that point of the night where my neck is hurting. Back is sore. My body is feeling another full day of duties, thinking, working, thought processing, eating and contemplating. To mark Biggies 14th Anniversary today, I listened to a lot of old school Hip Hop which is always good for the soul. I haven't listened to older Hip Hop in a while. It's like visiting a relative every few years. Once you grow older you're able to take them all the time, but when your paths cross it warms your heart with the unconditional love they have for you and you have for them. That feeling that resides in your soul that will never leave and grow old. It grows older with you as your heart makes room for other people, things, types of music, food. Life stuff. The relatives still get their own private room but it's just a bit cozier than before. No more room for an ensuite but able to fit in a TV that only the VIP members get.

Lesson of the day: Make time for those special VIPers in your life. Spend some extra time with them and tell them how much you care and look forward to the moments you spend with them before you get up again and deal with life battles. The great thing about these special people or things is that from that point you leave them to the time you see them again, you know that no matter what, in that time in between, they will always be there for you to help you get through.