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Thursday, February 3, 2011

knowledge and poetry..

My back still hurts. Lower back. Rushing pain going down my to my legs when I try to go up the stairs or bend over or do any type of concentration on that area. It's that fast, rushing pain that just hits your for a second but it stays with you for hours. It has caused me to have a headache, too. Today, I took it easy. Not doing too much. Popped an aspirin and threw some hot sports rub on it. Took a nap. Felt better for a while, but it returned again a while after I woke up. I ended up doing a lot of reading though today. Printed up some writings from Martin Luther King and Maya Angelou and took them to my bed and just relaxed over some knowledge and poetry. It was nice.

Don't forget that Black History Month has started. Get educated.